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$200 Instant Rebate with the purchase of a Silencerco Salvo 12 Silencer. 

Due to a special deal Toby was able to arrange you can get a limited time, $200 Instant Rebate on your NFA tax stamp with the purchase of a Salvo 12 Silencer from MankatoGuns. 

The Salvo 12 is a 12 Gauge Silencer that incorporates a series of rails to hold your shotvup as it exits the barrel, this allows you to fire shot shells and slugs through a silencer. Attaching the silencer is straightforward in that it attaches to a custom choke tube. You may adjust the length of the silencer to different lengths to optimize weight and sound reduction. 

This silencer works well in that it takes a shotgun blast down to about 120 decibles which is quieter than a .22LR pew. 

Check out the video below about the Salvo 12.

To get this $200 Rebate on the Salvo 12, just purchase a Salvo 12 from Mankato Guns for only $999 before midnight, April 30th.

It really is that easy, Call Mankato Guns at 507-382-1167 to purchase the Salvo 12 for only $999 before midnight April 30th and you will automatically get thsi limited tme offer. 

Fine Print:

-You will get the $200 rebate automatically applied to the NFA tax stamp. So you do not have to pay for the tax stamp. 

-Minnesota law requires purchaser to pay the applicable state sales tax. 

-There are no filing fees, shipping fees or other arbitrary fees. 

Buy a silencer without having to pay the $200 NFA TAX STAMP!