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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the class to apply for a Minnesota Permit To Carry?


Is this class open to both men and women?

YES! We teach our classes in a low stress jargon free format that appeals to both people new to firearms and people with a lot of experience in firearms regardless of gender.

Is this a Multi-State Class?
​YES! Your Minnesota permit has reciprocity with dozens of states, and you can use this class to apply for other states such as Florida and others to maximize your coverage.

Is this the class to apply for a non-resident Minnesota permit to carry?


What forms of payment do you accept to pay for the class? 

If you are registering online through a credit or debit card is needed. If you are paying at the door, cash, check or most major credit cards.

Can I use this class to apply for the Florida non-resident permit? 


Why would I want to apply for a Florida non-resident permit?

Since every state has it's own rules and reciprocity criteria, the Minnesota resident permit is accepted in most states, but not all. So, if you wanted to maximize the number of states that you could carry a pistol in, a Minnesota resident would be benefit the most from a Minnesota resident permit coupled with a Florida non-resident permit. (Some lawyer, far smarter than me, calculated this.)

How soon after the class do I get the completion certificate?

IMMEDIATELY! We print your certificate during class, so it is handed directly to you at the end of class.

​Does this class advocate for extreme gun rights to turn Minnesota into a violent free fire zone with lots of shooting, killing, just like the glorified wild west?

NO! The purpose of this class is to teach people the safe handling of firearms, personal protection awareness, reasonable use of force, physiological effects of stressful situations, legal use of force and legal consequences, applicable laws, and ​a hands-on component. We highly discourage illegal violent activity.

If I have had firearms training in the military, why do I have to take a class to get a permit to carry?

Because the law requires it. We feel for you, our lead trainer was in the Army also, but we will follow the law and require you to take the course before issuing a completion certificate.

How old do I have to be to take the class?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for the class. If you are under 18 you will need a parent or guardian attend with you. 

How old do I have to be to get a Permit to Carry in Minnesota?

To apply for a permit to carry in Minnesota you have to be at least 21 years old, and have taken the course within one year of applying for a permit. So theoretically you could take the course the day after you turn 20, then the day you turn 21 apply for a permit and thus just barely stay under the year deadline.

Do I have to fire a pistol to pass the class?

Yes, there is a mandatory shooting component.

Do I have to bring a pistol to shoot?

No, we have class pistols available for students to use for the class, but you may bring your own pistol if you wish. 

Do I have to bring hearing protection, eye protection, ammo, etc...

No, course materials and appropriate safety equipment is supplied, but you may bring your own if you wish.

Can I bring my own pistol?

Yes, with the following conditions: you bring along 30 rounds of ammuntion, the pistol is rimfire or centerfire, and the instructor deems the pistol safe, in case the instructor deems it unsafe, you may not use the unsafe pistol but may use a class pistol.

What are the class pistols?

.22 caliber semi-auto pistols, there is a variety of them available and the specific brands/ models may vary.

Is there an additional charge for using the class pistols and/or ammo?

No, it is included in the registration fee.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothes, most of the course is a lecture so you will be seated for an extended period of time. The hands-on component is at an indoor range, so weather is rarely a problem.

What if I don't want to be seen in public taking a firearms class?You may schedule private instruction for an individual and/or group if you do not want to be in a large public class.

If I pass the class, do I automatically get a permit to carry?

No, you have to apply with a county sheriff for the permit.

If I get a permit, am I required to carry a firearm?

No, the permit only allows you the privilege to carry a firearm, it does not require that you actually own and/or carry one.

What if after the class I don't want to get a permit?

You don't have to apply for a permit.

What does the sheriff charge to process the permit itself?

It varies with each county, but usually around $100 paid to the sheriff.

Can non-profits arrange classes as fundraisers?

Yes, contact and he will work with your group.