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Ten Reasons to take a class from Toby Leonard

1-Veteran Owned

2-Jargon-Free Interactive lectures

3-You will have the confidence to keep yourself safe

4-Respectful and not condescending to beginners

5-Only $80, includes all required fees, handgun rental and ammo

6-Class is only 5 hours long 

7-Class is taught by a college professor, who understands adult learning

8-All classes are multi-state classes, for permits in other states

9-Featured on the front page of the Mankato Free Press

10-IT'S FUN!

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Search our calendar and register for one of our large group public classes here.

​​To help you decide if this is a viable option for you, when to use it, and how to safely use a firearm. This is the class for you. 

Toby's class focuses on being safe. The class stresses preparing and practicing a personal safety plan. The use of a firearm is only a small part of your personal safety plan. This class will also prepare you for your permit to carry a firearm, if you choose to get one.

Even if you are new to guns, Toby will work one on one with you to ensure you know how to safely use and carry a firearm. 

Making sure you get the training you deserve.

We're dedicated to ensuring that every client gets the firearms training to confidently, legally and safely apply for a resident or non-resident Minnesota CCW permit. The class meets the training requirements for applying for either a resident or non-resident Minnesota CCW permit, which has reciprocity agreements with 25 other states (as of 7/20/2015 information from Since the trainers are cross trained through the NRA as pistol instructors, the class also meets the requirement for CCW permits for other states, such as Florida, which allows for and additional 8 states for a total of 33 
(as of 7/20/2015 information from

We also offer private customized training to suit your needs, location, and/or schedule.

Are you thinking of using a firearm for self defense?

Our classes are designed to be the most effective classes possible to meet the needs of the clients.

The Mankato Free Press did an article on Mankato Guns and our lead instructor Tobias Leonard. 

The article is good, it shows how we work to make classes approachable and applicable for students. You can see the article by clicking here.

We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing safe, sane, effective training for CCW permits.